Delicacy - free food blog WordPress theme

Delicacy is a culinary WordPress theme created with food blogs in mind.

Delicacy is also a perfect choice and can be easily adapted for persoanl blog.

Theme Features

  • Drop down menuDrop down menu
    Create multiple level menus with ease stright from administration panel.
  • Custom meta boxesCustom meta boxes
    Posting recipes made easy with custom meta boxes for recipe details.
  • Theme options panelTheme options
    Theme options panel that lets you easily change the look of your blog.
  • 6 color schemes to choose from
  • Nivo slider
  • Threaded comments
  • 4 custom widgets
  • Additional widget area in header
  • Tested in all major browsers
  • Compatibile with WP 3.0 +
  • Custom logo input
  • 6 background patterns


Basic support for my themes is free! I do my best to answer your questions on the WordPress forums. This way others can benefit from the how-to’s as well, and there is good chance someone else will be able to help you. Please tag your posts with the theme name–this way I’ll be notified of the support request by e-mail.

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  1. windmoon pisze:

    nice work its pretty cool
    i want to know where i put the slider image?

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      I’ve been on your page and it seems You figured it out :)
      In theme options You choose category of posts to be rotating in the slider. Than each post in this category sholud have it’s featured image set and that’s it. Size of the image should be at least 588x289px, bigger images will be resized, when You upload them.

      • Angelo pisze:

        Hi, I set the category and the display of slideshow on homepage, and at the end: „display excerpt for each post”. but nothig…. also I tried to resize the image but nothing… always says: image placeholder…
        what ‚s wrong?

  2. fatjoez pisze:

    very nice!!!!!!!! great!!

  3. Rilwis pisze:

    Very nice theme! It would be great if in the demo, we can choose color scheme!

  4. Nicola pisze:

    Your theme is absolutely great! I have a question for you. I’m new in wordpress and starting my first blog. Can you please tell me how to make drop down menus using your theme? I really can’t figure it out.

    Thanks so much,

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      It’s fairly easy. Go to Appereance->Menus. Then create a menu, and in the box „Theme Locations” choose it from the drop down and click Save. Than just add items to this menu and again hit Save.

      Also I will be releasing a short video tuorial on how to configure the theme very soon, I’ll post info about it here when it’s ready.

  5. Beautiful theme!

    Could you please tell me where I can change the dark gray background color of the slider? I just can’t seem to find it. Thank You!

  6. I found the answer :)

    This is my favorite theme! Thank You!

  7. Geraldine pisze:

    Hi, I love your theme. I tried using the one-click child theme, and it put my website into fatal error. Do you know if your theme supports child theme? I would love to be able to safely try again, without going into fatal error.

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      I’m not sure if it’s a theme or plugin problem. Delicacy is a standard WP theme and it passes all the criteria, so I don’t know how this could be a theme fault. Maybe You should try asking this question at official WP forum. (edit: I chacked at the forums and it turns out, that the solution is to manualy copy admin folder from parent theme).

  8. AnonChief pisze:


    First, thanks a *lot* for this fabulous theme. Just perfect, beautifuly coded *and* released under the GPL. You rock.

    Now, a small bug report + fix: the ‚wysiwyg’ type doesn’t work anymore, probably due to recent wordpress updates. Simply replace the bundled meta-box 3.2.2 with the latest one (4.1.2) and fix functions.php:

    replace: require dirname(__FILE__).’/meta-box/meta-box-3.2.2.class.php';
    with: require dirname(__FILE__).’/meta-box/meta-box.php';

    That’s it !

  9. Natalie pisze:


    This is such a wonderful theme; I love it! However, I have two questions…

    I’ve chosen to display the image slider, but I don’t know how to get the images onto the slider (does that make any sense?) The slider just says „image placeholder.”

    Second question: for the demo, I can see a thumbnail accompanying each post. Could you teach me how to do that?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      For the placeholder: in theme options You choose category, and posts from this category will be rotating in slider. The images in slider (and also the thumbnails accompanying each post) are featured images, which you set for each post. You should upload images at least 588x289px, you can upload bigger and wordpress will automatically generate image for slider and also for thumbnail. To display thumbnails with each post You also have to set „Display excerpt for each post” under Homepage Settings i Appearance->Theme options.

      Hope that answers Your question. I should probably create a short video tutorial for that :)

  10. Brooke pisze:

    This theme works perfect for this website I’m doing! One problem.. my favicon.ico won’t show up in safari.. do you know why? And one more thing.. I’ve set the featured posts to rotate and it won’t let me tag another post with that topic „things we <3", so it only shows one post.. how do I get it to show more? Any help is appreciated..

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      Hi! The theme itself doesn’t do anything to tags on your blog, it only „reads” them. So it’s impossible, that it broke your ability to tag posts… maybe there’s some interference from a plugin? And with the favicon – maybe safari remembers it somehow? Check it out on another computer, if possible.

  11. Joseph pisze:

    Thanks for the great theme. On a mobile device the website displaces but the left hand border cannot be seen. It all looks justified to the left. Any ideas? By the way I have tried it on iPad, iPhone & android.
    Kind regards,

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      Yeah, I know why this happens. Page width is 980px and this decorative ribbon in header has position absolute to display it. I’ll try to fix it in the next update.

  12. Musa pisze:

    Great work done by the designer. i love the theme. infact i download it and definitely use it on my new project. thank you verymuch for such wonderful sharing.

  13. pisze:

    Hi. I just starting using your them and absolutely love the design. One problem, I can’t find the address for my RSS feed. Where is it?


  14. Nicola pisze:

    Hi dear developers, i’m just finishing my site using your awesome theme! I just need one more info: how can i make the” Polecam: desery owocowe ” just like yours, with flowing words? I tried to look into the widgets part but can’t find it. Thanks!

  15. Nicola pisze:

    I feel dumb, just solved the problem by myself. If anyone is interested, you just have to add the „Delicacy: featured posts” to your header widget menu. Sorry for the dumb question!

  16. Nimi pisze:


    I’m using your theme and i think it’s really well made!Thanks!
    I just encountered a difficulty, why is the main block so far from the tabs? I uploaded here an image to explain : . Can you please tell me what do I need to modify? Thanks so much! Cheers :)

  17. Kelsey pisze:

    I love the theme! However, I’m using it as a non-food website. Is there a way to get rid of the little fork and knife icon that shows in the URL header/browser? Thank you!

  18. watcher pisze:

    to Nimi

    line 69 change padding: 20px 0; } on padding: 0px 0; }

  19. Angelo pisze:

    is it possible to add in homepage on posts, near date and comment the button of facebook???


  20. Yana pisze:

    Please help me! I can’t change the dark gray background color of the slider! I can’t to find it. Thank You!

  21. Luke pisze:

    Hi, I love your theme. But there’s a little problem I ran into while setting it up.
    When I clear everything from Widgets -> Right Sidebar. The page still displays Archives and Meta, if I only drag one there, it displays the one I dragged. Any solutions?


    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      Archives and Meta are two default widgets, and to get rid of them when there are no other widgets set, you’d have to edit sidebar.php and delete everything, thats inside the if statement. But I’d actually recommend something else – You could put single text widget in sidebar and then leave blank title and it’s content. That should also do the trick.

  22. Hello, I really like your theme Delicacy! I would love to use it for my blog above. Can you tell me if it’s possible to add a logo to the header? Thank you, Maria

  23. esbmedia pisze:

    In regards to the header logo…

    I have been trying my hardest to get a header logo that spans the full width of the top where the main logo is at, but instead of using that small of a logo as it is set currently, I would like to have my logo go the full width of the top with or without the search box there.

    With the style.css, I just can’t figure out how to resize it correctly as anything I do, it always stays in the same width & length as the original, it’s very strange and giving me a huge headache! LOL

    In style.css – lines 48 through 53 are the #header-top & #logo settings…

    In header.php its lines 21 through 31 that have to be changed.

    In style.css on line 49 below, I’ve tried changing the min & max width and height to the size of the #inner-wrapper width of 980px, but no matter what I do, it always stays the same size as the original logo, if you know what I mean.

    Line 49:
    #logo {min-height: 63px; margin: 15px 0 15px 15px; max-width: 400px;}

    Am I missing something? It shouldn’t be that difficult to do this and it is for some odd reason.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for creating this awesome theme!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      I’m not sure if I understand your problem. It’s absolutesly possible to have logo span to full wisth of the header, all you have to do is create header graphic that has 980px width (or whatever you want it to be), and set it as logo image under theme options. I’ve seen many people do that with Delicacy, no problem.

      • esbmedia pisze:

        I figured it out. It wasn’t as easy as just dropping a 980px image file in the theme options itself, had to hardcode it into the theme. When I tried to do the theme options with that big of an image, it still stayed within the width and height of the original logo. So a bit of hardcoding was needed to make it come out like I wanted it.

        Thanks for the help and thanks for the great theme!

  24. Doru pisze:

    I seem to have problems with the website when i view it
    in google chrome and mozilla seems to be ok, but in internet explorer look wrong, please give me some suggestions, i presume a have to modify something in the style sheet ?

    The margins of the menu bar is in a different place than where it is supposed to be

    your demo looks the same ( open it in internet explorer)

    this is my site
    bucharesttours-excursion com

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      The theme looks fine to me in both IE 8 and IE 9, maybe you should create a screenshot of the problem.
      Btw, I love how you customized the theme!

      • doru pisze:

        i think it was my bad, i didn’t updated to the latest version, and had a bug, once i updated the theme, the problem was solved

  25. Jillian pisze:

    A couple questions:

    1) How can I keep the brackets around my header?
    2) When I go to set up the menus, it says that the theme only supports 1 menu. However, in the preview, it shows more than 1. How can I put more than 1 menu on mine?
    3) How can I put thumbnails of pictures next to the posts under Recent Posts in the sidebar?

    Hopefully those make sense, I’m new to WordPress so I’m still a little unfamiliar with things!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      1) If You mean brackets around the logo in the demo, then those are a part of logo image.
      2) Delicacy supports 1 menu. There is no menu in the sidebar on the demo page.
      3) Please refer to the readme.txt file in theme folder to answer that question. In general, you need to use featured image in posts.

  26. Remove Dates and Comments Closed - Pages Only vs. Posts pisze:

    How do I keep the date and comments only on Posts and avoid on Pages?

    I have found a way to globally remove the date, but it is a global function by changing the date and time format to none under the Settings > General > Date Format and Time Format.

    Also: How do I remove the text „comments are closed” on my „pages” vs. „posts”?

    I am using this as a website and a blog, but want my pages to be seen as evergreen without allowing comments or mentioning that „comments are closed”

    Please see site: In development mode:

    Thx for your feedback.


    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      To do that, you wolud have to edit page.php and remove the reference to comments, or create your own custom page temaplate that you customize to your needs and use it when you create a new page. Remember, that the recommended way to do any changes to a theme is via child theme.

      As far as Nivo Slider goes, it’s built in, no need to download anything, but I quess yo already figured it out.

  27. Raw Desserts pisze:

    Thank You for your feedback… and Thank You for designing such a beautiful theme.
    I look forward to sharing the finished design with you…..


  28. watcher pisze:

    Please tell me which files have changed in version 1.2.4 compared to c 1.2.2

  29. Slider Background pisze:

    Where is the setting to change the background color „dark grey” to a lighter color. I do not see this in the css style sheet.

    Typically when I work with sliders they are plugins that have a panel to make changes.

    Since the Nivio slider is built in to the template, I do not know where to look,

    Thx for the feedback


    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      There is no setting for that, you would have to change it manually in nivo-slider.css (it’s located in the js/nivo-slider folder).

  30. Tonya pisze:

    Hello! I just downloaded this theme and LOVE it. Just 2 questions ~

    How to I change the font in the Visual Editor to Georgia by default?

    When I try to make a word italic in the editor it doesn’t work. How do I fix that?

    Thank you so much for your time :)

  31. Tonya pisze:

    Sorry, one more thing. My comments aren’t threaded. They are just one on top of the other. Help?

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      To change the font in visual editor you’d have to get rid of editor-style.css file. As far as comments are concerned, you need to enable threaded comments in WordPress options, and the theme handles them just fine.

  32. LoriTheAuthor pisze:

    I love the Delicacy Theme… thank you! I’ve been doing some customizing, you can see here:

    There are only 2 things I haven’t been able to do, I hope you can help:

    1. I’d like to change it so the LINK color throughout the site is #921824 instead of the light gold that’s there. (But I don’t want to change the ribbon color to red.)
    2. One of my page names is wider (Free Dog Training Library), and now the ribbon is not lined up correctly. Is there a way to make the ribbon taller so I don’t have the two colors of yellow with the ribbon toward the bottom?

    Thanks SO much if you’re able to help!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      To change the link color you need to edit file style.css located in delicacy\images\gold.
      To answer your second question – I’ve been to your website and I see, that you have two line breaks in your HTML (one after Dog and second after Training). Get rid of that and it should be fine.

  33. B pisze:

    I really enjoy your theme but I have just one minor issue. Is there a way to get the author to show up on the posts? I run a blog that has a few writers and I need their name to show up on their posts. Thanks!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      The theme itself does not display author information, so you should either edit theme files and code it yourself, or use a plugin like Author Bio.

  34. aurora pisze:

    I’ve a problem with „titilliumtext” font. I cant see some charecters like öçişğü. How i can fix it?

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      It’s hard to tell what’s wrong. First of all I’m not sure if this font has those characters you mention.
      I used this theme for a blog in polish, which also has it’s special characters, and I had no problems at all…

  35. Barb pisze:

    I thought I left a comment? Was it deleted? I asked how to make the author of a post show up in that post. Thanks! I love the theme.

  36. Make Candles pisze:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and
    I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I hope to give something back and aid others like you
    aided me.

  37. Theme help pisze:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THEME! am struggling with two things

    1. how can i remove the decorative line for the side bar
    2. my text on my management page is running off the page :( how can i fix this

    thanks in advance your theme is beautiful

  38. it’s a great theme, simply good. I will use this theme,
    Thanks :)

  39. adocinnamon pisze:

    I love the delicacy, but I was wondering how you can change the background patterns.

  40. adriana pisze:

    How can I change the image size for the thumbnails on the excerpt?
    I try editing the function.php file set_post_thumbnail_size(136, 136, true); but it did not work? Is there another file I should edit too?

    Thanks and great theme!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      You’re looking in the right place, but changing this will not affect previously generated thumbnails. For that, you’d need a plugin named „regenerate thumbnails”.

  41. LoriTheAuthor pisze:

    Under „customization” I have changed the tagline, but it won’t update! Even better, is there a way to just remove that tagline area altogether? (I’m talking about where it says: Under construction, etc. with the gray background.) Thanks!

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      The area you refer to is actually a widget, so I assume that you had to put it there yourself. If you want to get rid of it, just remove the widget from Header area.

  42. watcher pisze:

    How to change the color of the name when viewing a single record?

  43. Organic Botox pisze:

    Hi, just want to say thank you for an amazing template. Fits perfectly!

  44. Persis pisze:

    I am totally in love with your theme! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I do have a question though: is it possible to alter the „recent post” widget into a „most popular” or „most commented” widget?

    • Ola Łączek pisze:

      It is possible, but you’d need to be familiar with WordPress and PHP to do that. I guess you wanted to know if it’s possible via theme or widget settings – it’s not. If you really wan’t this feature, you should hier someone to code that for you, or you could ask me for a quote.

  45. adocinnamon pisze:

    I have the delicacy recent posts widget installed in my side bar. How can I get rid of the comment count?

  46. Anup pisze:

    Hi, I installed this theme at But for some reason, the ribbon images and other elements are not showing up. I am at bluehost, and they said there is a problem with the theme. I just installed the theme through wordpress (didn’t download zip). Can you please help?

  47. Anup pisze:

    I wanted to report to you that my problem at only comes with 1.2.4 version. I downloaded 1.2.2 and its working on the site now, you can see it live. What gives? Can you please help?

  48. EMJ pisze:

    Hello, I love the theme but I am having one issue. When I post a recipe, the ingredients area will not display, but only in Chrome. (Works perfectly in IE.) I compared the source to your live demo, and it looks like all the relevant code is identical, so I am really not sure why this problem is happening as I have not altered the template at all. You can see it at

    Thanks in advance for any help on this issue!

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